Endoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that’s minimally invasive. Physicians use it to view interior surfaces of a tissue or organ, allowing them access to certain cavities of the body they normally can't see while performing a standard examination procedure.


The department of ENT at Foresight Diagnostics offers the best facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of afflictions of the ear, nose, throat & head and neck organs. Our aim is to build highly valued patient centered relationship and advice on the best individual solution to all the patients for their problems relating to Ear-Nose-Throat & Head & Neck. We strive for the highest international standards of diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment with the assistance of ourstate-of-the-art technological infrastructure to handle ENT conditions in young children and adults with the utmost competence.

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Foresight Diagnostics is dedicated to provide facility for patients with gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic, and biliary diseases.There are multiple treatment options for a disease and to provide the best available treatment to patients. A One stops solution for specialist consultation and investigation under one roof.

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