Laboratory Medicine

In today's practice of medicine, accurate diagnosis in the earliest possible time at an affordable price is the backbone of correct treatment and patient satisfaction. The department of Laboratory Medicine at Foresight Diagnostics encompasses the same motto to serve and help the population. We believe that there cannot be any scientific fruit without good technological roots. The conglomeration of efficient and expert personnel, updated technology, reasonable turnaround time of reports backed up by stringent quality control programmes maintaining international norms, forms the basis of correct and timely diagnosis at Future Diagnostics. Needless to say the entire package is presented with a humane face backed up by our efficient, friendly and personalised customer care

Automated Cell Counter

H360 fully automated three parts with 22 parameters including P-LCC, P-LCR regular Internal control is carried out as per machine norms specified by the Company. Inter lab proficiency testings are also carried out at regular intervals to compare and validate our results.


Siemens Diamenson Xpand Plus manufactured by Siemens Healthcare a 627 throughput full auto analyser with integrated capability for maximum efficiency in a compact space. The Quality control procedure utilises internal control from BIORAD to maintain strict vigilance on the daily performance of the machine and to produce accurate results, each time, prescribed international norms are followed (WEST GAARD RULES). This ensures correct diagnosis.

We also participate in the External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) with BIORAD, US. Our results are being peer reviewed with the other nationally reputed NABL and CAP accredited laboratories.

Easylyte Electrolyte Analyser

Easylyte Electrolyte Analyser of Transasia automated and micro processor controlled system is used for electrolyte analysis (sodium, potassium, chloride) under strict internal quality control measures are taken as per international norms.

Chem7 Semi Auto Analyser

CHEM 7 of Transasia a dedicated semi auto analyser with online display of reaction curve, result recalculation, three levels of quality control with levy Jennings plot is used for estimation of tests like ALDOLASE, ADA, G6PD. We believe in the completeness of our menu with the tests done under our supervision and maintaining the prescribed strict quality control norms.


BIORAD D-10 uses the HPLC method for detection of Glycated haemoglobin-a test which is essential to monitor diabetes control. This is perhaps the most standardised internationally acclaimed test for detection of HbA1C and monitoring the course of diabetes.

Histopathology & Cytology.

FORESIGHT DIAGNOSTICS uses standard instruments and apparatuses for exfoliative cytology (Cervical smear, PAP smear), fluid cytology and FNAC .

Interpretation of cytology depends on user experience and confidence. FORESIGHT DIAGNOSTICS has the most experienced Dr. Sumit Majumdar , MD(Path) and Consultant Dr. Kristi Chatterjee , MD(Path) for cytology, histology and FNAC diagnosis. Guided FNAC are also the strength of Foresight Diagnostics.


ADVIA CENTAUR CP manufactured by SIEMENS HEALTHCARE uses the most updated technology ELECTROCHEMILUMINESCENCE ASSAY for measurement of hormones, serum tumour markers, 25 OH Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Feritin, C-Peptide

EBRA ECL 412 manufactured by Transasia is an advanced analyser for complete Hamostasis. Four Channel coagulation analyser redefines in its class. At FORESIGHT DIAGNOSTICS in Ebra ECL412 we perform clotting test like PTT, aPTT, D-Dimer, Lupus anticoagulant, Fibronigen level. It is manufactured with Cuvette and reagent management software.

Clinical Pathology

Olympus CX- 21i binocular clinical microscope is used for all routine peripheral smear examination and microscopic examination of urine, stool and semen.

We also maintain strict internal quality control and inter observer comparison.